When waxing excess body and facial hair is removed with warm resin. Waxing does not influence hair growth, but in practice some hairs do not return after regular waxing (just like with depilation). The use of medication or hormonal changes can lead to increased hair growth, this has nothing to do with the waxing

Brazilian Wax € 37,50
Shaving the bikini line often results in irritation, redness, itching or ingrown hairs. Waxing or permanent hair removal is the solution for this. Brazilian wax is performed in an expert way by one of our hair removal specialists.

Let op: 2e harsbehandelingen = 10% korting

Lower legs € 18,50
Entire legs € 37,50
Forearms € 18,00
Entire arms € 25,00
Upper lip € 7,50
Upper lip & chin € 12,50
Entire face € 18,00
Back & shoulders € 28,00
Bikini line small € 18,50
Bikini line large € 28,50

Hair removal permanently

Elos is a very advanced and safe way to remove hair permanently, and it has been dermatologically tested. ELOS works with a combination of light and a bipolar high-frequent pulse. The light pulse preheats the hair and the RF-pulse uses the heated hair as a conductor to the hair follicle to destroy it. It is suitable for every skin type. Never having to shave, wax or depilate one’s beard or bikini line again, for instance. No more ingrown beard hair or pubic hair.

To start with you will have a (noncommittal) intake with our ELOS expert. She will inform you of our conditions, treatment, prices* and will do a trial flash.

 New prices!!

Arm pits € 70,00    Nu € 37,50
Face from € 50,00    Nu € 27,50
Bikini line from € 100,00  Nu € 50,00
Legs from € 135,00  Nu € 85,00
Back from € 100,00  Nu € 75,00
* prices are per treatment